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Diff Utility

Diff Utility

The diff will compare 2 files field by field. Where it differs from most other File Compare's is

When to use JRecord Diff

Cases where you might use this particular File Compare include:

  1. Changing a program and only a couple of fields are changed. You can compare the file from the current production program with the file from the new program and exclude the changed fields from the Compare. There should be no difference, this will confirm no unintentional changes where made.

  2. Changing a program and adding fields - Compare fields in the Production file with the equivalent fields in the new File (ignore the new fields). Should be the same.

  3. Compare a programs input (Could be a Database Extract) with the Output file.

Diff Program

When you start the diff program, a menu is displayed with 3 options:

  1. Run stored Compare. Allows you to rerun a previously setup compare.
  2. Compare Single Layout. This is used to compare to files in the same format (i.e. uses the same Record Layout).
  3. Compare Different Layouts. This is used to compare the data in files of different formats

Compare (Single Layout)

The first screen lets you enter the 2 files to be compared + the record layout to be used.

The next screen lets you select which Records / Fields are to be compared

The next screen lets you:

If you run the option online; the first screen lists all differences in a single table. You can switch between displaying all / changed lines using the button on the top right of the screen.

You can select a single line display by clicking on the button on the left hand side of the screen.

See Cmp_amsPo_1.html for a sample HTML compare

Note: Green means changed line, Blue is for deleted line and Yellow is for inserted line.

If you select a single line display, you will get (click the left most column of the screen above):

Compare (Two Layout)

When comparing files in different formats (i.e. 2 different layouts), select option 3 from the compare main menu. The files can be quite different formats. One could be native mainframe Binary file and the other a PC CSV file. It the data in the fields that is compared.

The first 2 screens look like the following and you enter the 2 files and there record layouts.

Following is the field selection where you match the fields up:

The next screen lets you:


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